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A world of DUCKS
living in Solana

2000 ducks are looking for an owner

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About SolDucksNFT's

1. What is SolDuck NFTs?
Based on the Solana blockchain, SolDuck NFTs is a brand of NFTs with a collection consisting of 2000 ducks. The final mint will be soon.


2. What happens to the features in SolDuck NFTs?
Traits will be randomly generated and assigned, from a variety of 100 traits, to each of the SolDuck NFTs.
Traits include:
Mouth and more!
Completely fair release! The SolDuck NFTs team will not have any SolDuck NFTs.


3. When will the full website be launched?
The website is now fully operational!


4. How can I contact the SolDuck NFTs team?
You can contact us via Discord. We look forward to hearing from you.


5. How can I buy a SolDuck NFTs?
You have to visit a secondary market like MagicEden!


6. Where can I check the rarity table?

The rarity list is in this PDF


7. Will it be possible to buy or sell on a secondary market?
Yes, we are listed on Magiceden, DigitalEyes and SolSea
We are trying to list on Solanart and Alpha Art


8. What would be the price of a SolDuck NFTs?
You can see in MagicEden for example


9. How many SolDuck NFTs will there be?
There will be 2,000 unique SolDuckNFTs but 1000 of them have been sold in pre-sale


10. Is it possible to see the SolDuck NFTs I just bought?
Sure, you can always check in the Collectibles tab of Phantom Wallet

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